We offer you quality, heirloom, functional art that will hold your memories for generations to come.

About Malcore Woodturning

Welcome to Malcore Woodturning located in the foothills of the mountains in western Maine.  Our main goal and desire is to offer you heirloom functional art that will hold your families memories for generations.


About the Artist

My name is Jed Malcore, I live in Western Maine with my Wife and 5 kids.  I started woodturning in 2014 as a hobby (because I didn’t have enough on my plate with my demanding full time job and family) that quickly turned into a business. 

I love taking a piece of wood (most often reclaimed from my firewood pile or a piece of wood dropped off by a logger friend), and watching it transform into a beautiful piece of functional art.  And then to see someone bring that same turning home and to think of the memories they will share, and the generations after them will share around that piece, is even more fulfilling.

I continue to make my own memories by passing down the knowledge and skill I’ve gained to my kids.  You will often see them at craft shows or see their turnings (they’ve started with turning some key chains and pens that you may also see at craft shows.)

Beyond the products seen here, I also do commissioned pieces and other custom work.  If I can help you with something, just ask!